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What is triathlon?

Triathlon is a sport that combines swimming, road biking and running in a race that puts the three sports back to back (the transition time between each sport is also counted in the final time). It is fun to do and fun to watch! Triathlon clubs and competitions often feature related sports as well, like duathlon (run, bike, run), aquabike (swim, bike) and cross triathlon (swim, mountain bike, trail run).


I'd like to try out triathlon, but I am a complete beginner and feel like I would be completely out of my element.

Don't worry! Triathlon is a very welcoming sport, and 3rd Wave is a great club for beginners! Every triathlete started somewhere! We are a group of people that get together to train because, well, training is more fun together and it helps us get better too. But we are not all super elite athletes. We would be happy to show you the ropes! Most triathlon races also have try-a-tri categories for first-time racers who want to try out the sport. The try-a-tri categories are shorter and a little less intimidating for those who want to start a bit easier!


What equipment do I need to start triathlon training?

You will need a few basic pieces of equipment, and then as you grow in the sport, you will probably want to add a few better pieces. For the swim, you will need a good pair of swimming goggles. A swim cap is helpful, and many triathletes wear wetsuits, but you can start training in just a swimsuit. You will need a bike, and it is best if it is a road bike (although many of us raced our first triathlons on mountain bikes). The 3rd Wave club has a road bike available to borrow for new members, so please ask if that's something that would be helpful for you. A helmet is required. Many triathletes have cycling shoes and pedals, but again, you can start the sport with regular pedals and runners. Finally, a good pair of shoes for running!


Can kids join?

Yes!! Triathlon is a great sport for families. Most triathlon races are held over a weekend, with one day of adult racing and one day of kids racing. It's a great way to spend time together. 3rd Wave plans to hold kids' training practices this year, as well as adult training practices. Kids are definitely welcome!


What are the triathlon distances?

Triathlon offers different race categories based on distances: sprint (swim 750m, bike 20k, run 5k), olympic (swim 1500m, swim 40k, run 10k), half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) and Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.22 mile run). Typically in Manitoba you can race in sprint, olympic and long course races (similar to half Ironman).


How are awards and placings given out?

Each triathlon race has obvious 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Triathlons typically also award placements based on age groups, so there are always personal bests and age category awards to work towards!


How do I join 3rd Wave?

Send us an email and we'll send you all the details. There is an annual fee, which covers your insurance to train with us, club costs, and a portion goes to Triathlon Manitoba and Triathlon Canada to help develop the sport nationwide.

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